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Offering integrated full service
fundraising consultancy support,
or assistance for single projects. 

Whether it's direct mail, regular giving, digital,
donor retention, appeals, upgrades or data and
analytics, we allocate the best people for each
job to match the needs of your organisation.

Direct Mail

Direct mail appeals remain the backbone of much fundraising – even if you have as many regular donors you can handle. Compelling, heart-wrenching appeals that break records are one of Red Letter Fundraising’s particular strengths. So next time you want a budget smashing tax or Christmas appeal – or a whole year’s program – get in touch.

Many people have not included your charity in their will simply because they have not been asked - and you can successfully ask for a bequest by mail. Approaches to bequests and will-making based on extensive focus group research indicate that Australians, like the British, don’t mind talking about death and dying, and are not offended by being asked for a bequest. Indications are that the US market may not share this relaxed attitude.

Organisations which have been prepared to invest in the development of a good quality bequest acquisition pack and follow it up with well-written, good quality servicing have yielded huge returns from their bequest programs after a period of time.

Bequest services we can help you with include:

  • Development of a case statement
  • Creative strategy for bequests and legacies
  • Fulfilment strategy
  • Contact strategy for bequestors, inquirers and intending bequestors
  • Direct mail to ask for bequests
  • Survey mailings that include bequest information
  • Advertising for bequests - offline and online

Donor Retention

If you don’t have a plan to keep your donors, then you’re probably losing them. It’s not hard to stay I contact – it just takes planning and intention. If you’d like the help of some seasoned professionals to do this for your organisation, get in touch.

Well hello! Is your charity treating your donors like ATM machines, or do you show them how much they are appreciated. A timely and appropriate welcome pack could be as simple as a handwritten note, as personal as a phone call, or as complex as a welcome folder, depending on your audience and goals.

Every relationship needs to be nurtured and your relationship with your donors is no different. It’s always worthwhile having a planned program of touchpoints with your donors, with a clear objective and purpose in that communication and a testing program to evaluate your efforts.

Turn your newsletter into a love affair with your donors. Donor-focused newsletters raise more money, generate loyalty and interest and win the hearts of your donors. Find out how to make your donor newsletter focus on donors rather than on the achievements of your organisation.

If you’re not surveying your donors at least once every two years – and asking regular questions on reply forms – then you may be missing the chance to discover critical information about your donors, such as their areas of interests, their level of donor loyalty, whether they are interested in leaving you a gift in your will, or if they are willing to increase their level of giving.

Regular Giving

Mail, face-to-face, phone, online – when it comes to acquiring regular donors, we’ve done them all. Need an awesome direct mail pack regular giving acquisition pack? Advice on lists? Face-to-face pitch or offer?

If you’re not upgrading your regular donors at least once a year – and up to 3 – then you’re failing to give your donors the opportunity to do more. Phone works especially well. Need help? Ask us.

We can help you set up an irresistible offer, create a compelling program name, set up your giving systems offline and online, and write/manage/ organise your acquisition of regular donors.

Once you’ve got your offer right, the important thing is to delight, inspire and persuade your supporters or prospects to commit to your cause. Need a beautiful compelling direct mail pack written? Or a heartbreaking phone script? Or face-to-face resource materials? We can help.

Okay you’ve got some regular donors, now you have to keep them. Find out the key times to be in contact – or not. Implement effective donor communication strategies that bind your donors to you long term.


Think emails are just short appeals? Think again. Email copy is an art in itself. Find out what you need to do to increase your open and click through rates.

If your website isn’t raising enough funds for you, perhaps it’s not as donor-friendly as it could be. The right copy, content and design for useability can turn your results around.

Think every other charity is successfully raising money through social media and you’re not? Don’t worry. They’re not. But social media can be very important for cultivating new audiences, developing donor relationships and sharing information. And you can raise funds through it – if you do it the right way.

Digital has an important role to play in donor communications, but it needs to be fully integrated with other media. We can help you plan and implement your digital communications strategy.

Data and Analytics

Red Letter Fundraising has developed a new proprietary analytical tool to idntify pockets of people for acquisition who can be contacted in a way that is highly targeted to the profile of the charity’s donor base.

Using our proprietary socio-demographic analysis tools, Red Letter can analyse your database and identify similar individuals throughout Australia who may not be other lists.

The lifetime value of your donors is one of the most important ways to evaluate your fundraising success. Don’t know how to do it? Need help? Contact us.

With second gift rates running at as low as 30 per cent in some organisations, and donors leaving faster than they are being replaced, donor retention should by first and forefront for all responsible fundraisers. Find out how to keep your donors wanting more.

Need to show your board or manager the value of long-term investment in donor acquisition and servicing? Red Letter Fundraising can model complex integrated fundraising programs over 5 years to show the likely returns.