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Are you giving your regular giving prospects enough reason to donate?

I was just reading the results of one of NextAfter’s test regular giving emails. (If you’re not a NextAfter subscriber, and you’re interested in testing, I highly recommend it.) Their hypothesis for this test was that prospective donors would be more motivated to give when they understood why monthly giving is valuable. In one of the last

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“Just a few words … can double giving and bolster wellbeing…”

According to a new report on Relationship Fundraising 3.0 by Adrian Sergeant, Jen Shang and Kathryn Edworthy, specifically identifying and developing a more communal and loving model of donor relationships generates both more income for the charity and a greater sense of connectedness and wellbeing for the donor. So what is Relationship Fundraising 3.0? The authors argue

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Fundraising - Regular Giving Mistakes

Are you making this common mistake in regular giving?

You’ve slaved over your tax or Christmas appeal, with multiple segments, variable asks and different inserts and envelopes for each group. Then you have the bright idea of adding a regular giving conversion version of your pack to your mailout. Easy right? Wrong. As a copywriter I’ve been asked numerous times to ‘modify’ an appeal for regular

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