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Fundraising Copywriter 2021

Jill Ruchel

Animal lover

Jill has 25 years experience in fundraising, as CEO of a not-for-profit, founder and Director of fundraising firms Creative Response, Good Cause (a face-to-face agency), Praxis Fundraising, and now Red Letter Fundraising.

She is an outstanding fundraising copywriter who has written unbeaten control packs for organisations like Cancer Council NSW, WWF and The Fred Hollows Foundation. Jill’s work is warm and inspiring, while remaining evidence-based, driven by testing and analysis and a deep understanding of the non-profit target audience.

Her other key strength is in the area of fundraising strategy, where she builds complex 5 year predictive models for multiple, interdependent fundraising programs. She was the creative and strategic mind behind Cancer Council NSW’s highly successful Breakthrough monthly giving program which now raises $20m a year for cancer research and support. If you’re looking for an effective fundraising copywriter, look no further.

Sally-Anne Raher

Wannabe backing singer

Sally-Anne has worked in the fundraising sector for more than 20 years from everything to production, data management, donor audits, fulfilment and copywriting.

She’s a data whizz, and her knowledge of mailhouses and production is unparalleled. She’s practical, quick, reliable and a delight to work with. What’s more she’s an incredible cook and has a wicked sense of humour.

Lynne Dobinson

Wannabe comedian

Lynne Dobinson is a talented designer and the principal of Chilli Moon Design. She has more than 25 years’ experience in the creative industry, first in high end design and advertising agencies before establishing Callisto Design Group Pty Ltd then moving on to Chilli Moon Design.

Lynne can always be relied upon to produce beautiful design to deadline and to make your job look better than you could possibly imagine. And she knows her way around everything from logos to the science of an effective reply form.

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