Are you giving your regular giving prospects enough reason to donate?

Woman with shoulder length dark hair reading letter and looking concerned

I was just reading the results of one of NextAfter’s test regular giving emails. (If you’re not a NextAfter subscriber, and you’re interested in testing, I highly recommend it.)

Their hypothesis for this test was that prospective donors would be more motivated to give when they understood why monthly giving is valuable.

In one of the last emails of the campaign, they tested adjusting the language to emphasise the value of giving monthly versus a onetime gift.

They added three dot points to the copy. The result was a 125% increase in the click-through rate.

It reminded me that my most successful regular giving letters, like those for the World Wildlife Fund and Cancer Council NSW’s ‘Breakthrough’, were heavily benefit focused. They were all about what the donor would achieve through their regular gifts.

Are you giving your prospective regular givers enough reasons to give?